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From the outside, my broad experiences might seem a little scattered - education, fieldwork, ethnomusicology, archives, data analysis, evaluation. It looks a little different to me, of course! All of these things are getting at helping learners (in the broadest sense) have access to relevant, diverse cultural information, and that they can use it to make meaningful connections with others to help everyone learn from each other, enrich their lives, and get a bit closer to our potential. In my braver moments, I may dare to say all of this is in a true ethnomusicological vein, bringing together multiple disciplines and integrating them to try to make sense of an amazing, complex, and entangled world.

I'm a graduate of the ethnomusicology master’s degree program at University of Maryland (2010). After teaching music for several years, I serendipitously discovered ethnomusicology (which is perhaps the best way). I've been studying Georgian traditional vocal music, culture and history since 2005 with internships and contract positions at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress and at the Ralph Rinzler Archives at the Smithsonian Institution. I'm intensely interested in musical and cultural education (informal and formal) and practical applications/implications of ethnomusicology in the lives of individuals and communities.

During my graduate studies and immediately afterward (2008-2012), I served as project manager and music cataloger for the International Piano Archives at Maryland. I'm currently an independent research and technology consultant as I look for the right fit for my experience and interests. In the meantime, I've been fortunate enough to work with all kinds of great people on various art integration and evaluation projects.

Research Experience

Participant Observation: Smithsonian NMNH Learning Pairs (2012), Central Georgia and Eastern Georgia (Summer 2009, Fall 2010)

Interviews: Cincinnati Zoo and Lifelong Learning Group (2014), Smithsonian NMNH Pairs (2012), National Postal Museum (2010), Central Georgia and Eastern Georgia (Summer 2009, Fall 2010)

Data Analysis: Great Northern Union Chorus with Blue Scarf (2014), ZPuppets Mindfulness with Blue Scarf (2014), AMNH Data Viz (2013-2014), Young Audiences SMART Arts Integration Project (2013), San Antonio Museum of Art (2013), Smithsonian NMNH Pairs (2012), Thesis work (2010)

A/V Recording: Outdoors, concerts and church services, Georgia (Summer 2009, Fall 2010)

Archives: National Archive of Georgia (Tbilisi), American Folklife Center (Library of Congress), Ralph Rinzler Archive (Smithsonian Institution)

Project Design: Smithsonian Music Frontend (2014), Young Audiences SMART Arts Integration Project (2013), Smithsonian NMNH Learning Pairs (2012),
Master's Thesis (2009-2010)

Museum, Library, and Archive Experience

Consultant: Children's Museum of Indianapolis (2014)
Project Manager: International Piano Archives at Maryland (2008-2012)
Expert Consultant and Intern: American Folklife Center (2005-2006)
Intern: Ralph Rinzler Archive (2005)

Classroom Experience

Music Teacher, K-8 (2001-2004)
Headstart Volunteer, pre-K (sporadically 1996-2001)




CV here
SEM Presentation (2011)
Article for Voices (2012), re-published here
Article for Bulletini no. 9, Georgian Conservatoire (2010)
Thesis (2010)
Symposium Presentation in Tbilisi (2010)

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